Our experience, both in the pubilc and private sector has allowed us to reach a multidisciplinary knowledge that we apply in assessing our clients. Along our career we have cooperated with multiple companies and specialists on which we count in our action proposals.

STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY: In the creation process of a new equipment, we co-manage and assess since the initial idea of the business till, at least, the reaching of the break even point. We work directly in the operation plan designed to achieve the goals of each phase in close cooperation with the venue management. Read more

OPERATIVE CONSULTANCY: In order to guarantee a good performance of the facility, we work closely with those with the highest rank of responsability, influencing the day-to-day operative of all, or part of its functional areas, be it directly or indirectly. Read more

STUDIES CONSULTANCY: We conduct all types of studies related to sports and sport equipment management,  from a very realistic approach as a result of our previous management experience. Read more

EVENTS CONSULTANCY: We assess the viability of a sport events or candidacies, and elaborate the direction plan. We also cooperate with the organization committe of the event or competition. Read more